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Herbal medicine and naturopathy

Herbal medicine and naturopathy

Naturopathy follows traditional laws of Hippocratic medicine, where practitioner searches for the root of a problem, takes individual approach with each patient, and addresses all aspects of health, such as nutrition, sleep hygiene, mental and physical health. Naturopaths use traditional diagnostic methods, that are unique to each practitioner.

My main diagnostic tool is a wonderful art of iridology. This is a very accurate and telling method where I look at your iris and I’m able to see your genetic type, your strengths and weaknesses, what are the areas that we need to address or where some of your problems might originate from. This is a very interesting way how to get to know oneself little better and answer some questions about your physical health or your personality that you may have been asking yourself for years.

An Initial consultation takes approx. 75 minutes. I will ask questions about your medical history, lifestyle and any possible symptoms, I will use range of naturopathic diagnostic skills to determine your constitution and reasons for your problems. Together we explore your emotional and mental health too and find the best way to go forward with treatment.

My main modality that I use to address peoples issues is western herbal medicine I use herbal tinctures, powders, capsules, teas, glycerites, essential oils, Bach Flower remedies and naturopathic protocols to create the best treatment for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, we will arrange a follow up so that I can monitor your progress.

My Clients arrive with a wide range of conditions and health problems, and are seeking to optimise their health and find out how to best take care of their constitution

I commonly help with these conditions, and many more:

– eczema
– acne
– anxiety, stress
– menopause
– fertility
– allergies
– hormones
– gut health
– arthritis
– depression
– hay fever
-covid and other viral infections
-fatigue and energy issues

Initial consultation – £70
Follow up consultation – £20-30

Price of herbs varies depending on the prescription

One-month worth of
Tincture – £48
Powders – £25
Capsules – £30
Tea – £7
Bach flower remedies – £10

For prices of medicated creams and oils, please check out the products page

Beauty therapy

I use aromatherapy products based on natural ingredients, most of which I blend myself, to achieve the best possible results whilst making your treatment as relaxing as possible

Herbal, aromatherapy facials – £45
Manicure – £20 + £5 shellac
Pedicure – £30 +£5 shellac
Waxing – very skilled waxer, using strip and hot wax on any area

Holistic therapies

Let me spoil you with beautiful oil blends. You can choose from my carefully pre-designed blends or we can create a bespoke blend based on your consultation.

Aromatherapy massage – £50/per hour
Reflexology – £45/per hour