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As a naturopath, herbalist and a holistic therapist, I have been studying and practicing wellbeing, and health and beauty since …

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Client Testimonials

When I moved to the city I started having eczema on my hands. I visited skin doctors but they couldn\'t find the right treatment. Anna Mertz was the first herbal therapist I\'d ever visited. After the examination she explained exactly where the problem was and prescribed a treatment consisting of herbal products and special diet. The eczema disappeared. Since then I\'ve contacted Anna several times when me or my children needed advice. She is a professional always willing to help and I absolutely recommend her services.

''Not long ago I went to see naturopath Anna and I'm already impressed by the results of her holistic approach. During the session, Anna spent a lot of time focusing on knowing me really well first and then explained where she sees the root causes of my illnesses. Also, she made a treatment plan tailored just for me. This uplifted me a lot also thanks to my mental wellbeing being hugely considered. The digestion has improved and I realise I am less anxious about the food I eat as I tolerate more. Also, the herbal remedies for my sleep issues work wonders. Anna is excellent, if anything more troubles me, she adjusts the herbal medicine or has a good advice on hand. I feel safe in her hands and I'm happy that I chose her to assist me on my healing journey from fatigue.''