Creams, oils, syrups, teas, gels, toners, rubs…

There are many, natural, effective and lovely products that you can buy without prescription.
I usually mix these to order, but I also have some signature products that are just too good for me to alter!

Here are my best sellers:

Rose and frankincense face cream  60ml – £20
(calendula base mixed with beautifying oils such as jojoba, rose-hip and vitamin E, moisturising aloe vera and pure essential oils of rose and frankincense)

Beautifying facial serum
30ml – £15
50ml – £25
(only finest quality facial oils blended with frankincense, rose, sandalwood or neroli bergamot and ylang-ylang)

Jasmine eye cream, 30ml – £10
(enriched with shea butter and carrot seed oil, jasmine essential oil (for a caffeine like effect)and geranium)

Toners, 100ml – £8
(rose water, witch hazel with tea tree)

body lotion, 250ml – £18
(smooth, milky and enriched with sweet almond oil and your favourite essential oil blend)

other products:
soothing gels, rich body, hand or foot creams, muscle rubs, bath salts, massage or bath oils, scented roll ons and more…

7 magical blends
I created these blends to compliment my wonderful teas and to enhance their therapeutic effects. Great thing about them is that you can choose your way of application and use them every day in your own way even if you don’t drink herbal tea.

You can choose from body lotion, bath salts, face or hand cream, gel, body spray or a simple oil that you can apply onto your skin or bath or pillow.

Great thing is, that you can buy any of these products and many more with your own favourite scent , just let me know what your needs are and what you like.

Let me take you on this sensory journey

Hug in the bottle

  • Pairs perfectly with Hug in a mug tea
  • Gentle and loving notes of Rose, Lavender and Benzoin are combined with beautiful Sandalwood and woody Vetiver
  • This blend will calm and comfort you when you are feeling fragile, sensitive or stressed

Uplifting blend

  • This lovely blend stands alone
  • You can not feel down with this wonderful blend of citrusy flowers of Ylang ylang, Bergamot and Neroli balanced with broad Geranium
  • This is already very popular blend for everyday use in body lotion

Happy tummy

  • Use it with happy tummy tea
  • This is more medicinal blend and has wonderful properties that help with bloating, cramps and promote good digestion
  • You can smell Peppermint, Fennel and Cinnamon and undertones of Carraway, Orange and Cardamom complete this perfect blend for troublesome tummy
  • It works best as a tummy rub that you can use anytime

Sweet dreams

  • If sweet dreams tea is not strong enough, or you don’t enjoy tea before bed
  • Strong Clary sage and relaxing Lavender with Cypress will slow your mind and calm your senses and Chamomile with Cedarwood aid sweet sleepy sensation
  • This blend is great in bath salts or bath oil as well as night cream


  • Valuable addition to TOM tea
  • No matter what your issues with your time of the month are, this blend has it covered especially when used with the tea
  • While tea works on physical problems, scent of Petitgrain, Geranium and Ylang ylang bring you back to balance in your mind and feelings and gentle Palma rosa and Spanish sage address the woman in you that needs extra support at this time
  • Works great in any application, but makes sense in tummy rub or a lotion

Buzzing blend

  • This energetic power blend works great with buzzing tea
  • Let Lemon grass and Jasmin wake up your senses while Basil and Rosemary wake up your mind with clarifying Juniper, tis blend will leave you awake and buzzing when you need it the most
  • Together with the tea this is a great alternative to caffeine

Under the weather

  • Another medical blend that pairs perfectly with under the weather tea
  • Eucalyptus and Wintergreen work as decongestant for chest and sinuses, antimicrobial Niaouli and Lemon help fight the germs and fresh Grapefruit helps with fuzzy head
  • This blend will make great chest rub or smelling salts


Herbal teas


pre-blended loose herbal teas:
(they are all delicious, so take your pick)
each bag is £7 for 70-85g

hug in a mug
(an uplifting herbal tea for those tender moments, it comforts you and calms your nerves)
Rose, lavender, st johns wort, vervain, motherwort and more

buzzing tea
(refreshing tea full of energy, good alternative to caffeine)
Peppermint, st johns wort, ginger cinnamon, ginseng, licorice, rosemary, ginko biloba and more

under the weather
(a very helpful tea to soothe the symptoms of cold )
Peppermint, chamomile, elderberry , elderflower, echinacea, sage, marigold, goldenrod, yarrow, thyme and more

happy tummy
(a digestive tea that helps with bloating, cramps, indigestion and symptoms of IBS)
Ginger, cinnamon, chamomile, dandelion root, meadowsweet, peppermint, Thyme, rosemary, lemon balm and more

sweet dreams
(a soothing tea to aid a good nights sleep and the most popular with my family!)
Hops, valerian, lavender, chamomile, rose, sage, lemon balm and more

detox tea
(an all over body gentle liver, blood and lymph cleanser)
Berberis, nettle, dandelion leaf and root, cleavers, marigold, yarrow, ginseng , red clover and more

TOM tea
(your best friend for the special time of the month, very useful when drank regularly over time)
Lady’s mantle, yarrow, verbena, red clover, vitex agnus castus, chamomile and more